Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't be SAD...

SAD...the Standard American Diet.  What a disaster!  We should be eating a whole foods plant based diet for maximum health potential, and look at what most people in the US are eating. The SAD diet , depending on who you ask, is about 45% animal products, 45% processed food, leaving 10% for fresh vegetables and fresh fruit , whole grains, and salads.  Of this last 10% , the vegetable of choice is French Fries...with ketchup.  Most Americans are dying from this diet. So that leaves only 5% for "good" food.

The SAD diet is this:

High Saturated fats
High in Animal fats and flesh
Far too much Protein
High in processed foods
High in simple Carbs and sugar and corn syrup
LOW Fiber
LOW complex Carbs
LOW plant based foods
LOW in raw uncooked foods : i.e. fruits , vegetables healthy nuts and seeds

In other words, it's diametrically opposed to the proper healthy (healthiest diet):

Low fat

High complex Carbs
Low Protein
Whole Foods
Plant based

ANIMAL-FREE...forget about them!

 No wonder 65% of the population are obese, heart attacks are the number one killer, cancer is second and coming up fast, diabetes is rampant and showing up in younger kids more and more...and the list of  illnesses and diseases  goes on and on.

Studies and statistics have shown that the countries or populations that use the least amount of animal flesh and dairy and eggs have the lowest rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.  Countries that consume the most dairy products tend to have the highest rates of Osteoporosis (US, Scandinavia)  Doesn't milk prevent osteoporosis? Apparently not. I'll discuss this in another blog.  Countries that consume the most dairy products also tend to have the highest rates of breast and prostate cancer.  Countries that eat the most animal flesh have the highest rates of colon cancer, rapidly coming up fast in the list of major killers.  Meat and dairy have no meat sits in one's colon and rots, increasing the potential for colon cancer.  The disease is very rare in people who eat a high fiber diet.

In future blogs I'll go into all these issues in more detail.  For now, try to start replacing some of your "bad" foods, slowly but surely, or ASAP, with some "good" foods.

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