Monday, April 27, 2009

Your diet and Global Warming...what's the connection?

When John Robbins wrote his groundbreaking  book "Diet for a New America" in 1987, he showed us so many of the incredible consequences of an animal based agriculture. (see previous post)  I don't remember specifically if he went into the effects animal agriculture has on global warming specifically.  It seems like after 20 years since his book, that we would have learned something about all this, but it appears to not be the case. We are still raising and consuming animals to an alarming degree. Now with the focus on global warming, we are starting to hear about the dire consequences animal agriculture is causing in this area.

In 2006 a report published by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) showed us that that animal based agriculture causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all of transportation!.  This is not only from carbon dioxide, but the more severe gases methane and nitrous oxide.  The methane and nitrous oxide are generally created by the animals themselves (bodily functions) and the carbon dioxide from all the tractors used to produce the grains to feed them (15 times as much per pound as a plant based diet), the trucks used to transport them, the electricity for refrigeration...not to mention all the water used and wasted , as mentioned in the previous post.  The report also went on to say that animal agriculture  cause wide scale degradation of land and water.  Livestock  now take up 30% of the earth's entire land surface. (mostly permanent pasture but also 33% of the global arable land used for feed production).  Raising animals is a major contributor to deforestation as more and more land is needed for grazing and for growing grains to feed the animals, which as I've said before, is the most inefficient use of food there is.

Many people are writing and talking about all this more and more, yet it doesn't seem to be having much effect yet on global agriculture.  Sooner or later, some surmise, there  will have to be Government Mandates to control , decrease, or eliminate this form of agriculture. When the world leaders finally understand (if they ever do) that animal agriculture is killing the planet, then perhaps something will be done about it.

Here are some interesting articles on the subject, including the very recent article by Kathy of the great current thinkers and writers and activists concerning this entire subject

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