Saturday, April 25, 2009

"I Can't Believe It's VEGAN!"

Disclaimer!  I'm not really recommending you eat the foods on this list. I'm just putting this here to show you some products out there that really are Vegan (just in case...)

Many people think that it's too hard or even impossible to be on  a pure Vegan diet.  How can you get through the day and find things to eat?  What do you eat when you're at a restaurant (actually this part is really easy these days...more later)
It's no secret that most supermarkets now have "health food store" sections in them, along with much organic produce to choose from.  Some stock products ranging from soy/rice milks to bulk bins of foods most commonly found in health food stores (grains, beans, lentils, trail mix, etc)

But , at times, we just can't find the right thing to satisfy our cravings...or to give us that variety we want.  Occasionally, as we scour the labels of many packaged foods, we are stunned and surprised to find a comfort food/"junk food" that is actually Vegan. In fact, PETA  has an entire web site devoted to these foods  and listing them in detail by category. It's a great site to familiarize yourself with.

I in no way advocate nor recommend eating these foods. I'm putting it in here as merely information to show you that , at times, things don't have to seem so difficult, and there are many ways to satisfy that sweet tooth or bakery tooth in a pinch!

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