Monday, April 6, 2009

From Then to Now

I mentioned a few specific topics in the first blog , other than all the issues I discussed along with them. I'm going to give a brief outline here of the full range of this blog and what I'll be trying to discuss and explain. 

I'd like to start with this thought:

If large amounts of meat and dairy can kill us, then is it smart to eat even small amounts of these products?  Hardly, in my opinion.  You won't get heart disease from brown rice and broccoli!


Ancient times and early civilization:

Evolution...where did we come from?
Primates...what do they eat?
Early Humans...what did they eat?
When did meat eating start?
Human Physiology...Carnivore or Herbivore or what?
Dawn of Civilization and Agriculture
Grains...when did we start cultivating them?
Domestication of Animals
Dairy...when did this start?

Modern times:

How did we get to the modern SAD diet?
What is this diet comprised of?
Why is it so unhealthy?
Processed Foods
The China Study...Dr. T Colin Campbell
Modern Diseases
Heart Disease
Protein Obsession
Dairy Obsession
Carbohydrate Obsession
Factory Farming
Vegan Nutrition
Whole Foods Plant based diet
Raw Food
Myths about Vegetarianism
Doctors Practicing plant based nutrition
Other diseases A-Z

Effects on the Planet:

Animal Agriculture and the Environment
Cars or Cows? Both!
John Robbins "Diet for a New America"
Water usage, deforestation, pesticides, antibiotics, fossil fuels, desertification, top soil erosion
Cattle vs Wildlife
Kill the Wolves and Coyotes and Lions and anything that will kill a farm animal

I'm sure I'll keep adding to this list as I think of more subjects, but I'll stop here for now and begin the long journey from primate diets to current diets.

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